Why Getshop

We combine both the skill and the vision, hassle free. What you see is what you get.

You just have to choose the theme you like, and we will do the hard work. No programming required and no tweaking needed. We will set up the theme for you, ready to go the minute it’s live.


Why Getshop is better than traditional CMS?

- We combine both our skill and our vision – ready-to-use templates that are beautifully designed to impress;

- You just choose the template that you like, and we'll do all the set up for you. You don’t need to do the installation of your template, or spend hours trying to replicate the look that you saw on the demo site, like with other CMS systems. We will get everything ready for you to use the minute it’s live;

- Delivery within 24h;

- We take your security seriously, so every shop comes with a free SSL certificate to ensure your online payments are protected;

- Free, easy to use SEO tools (this will help your shop to score high in Google) – no additional plugins required;

- You can add various payment options for your customers with ease;

- Your shop and theme will look exactly like the one you saw;

- Lots of available alternative templates to choose from;

- We employ highly skilled, talented designers to make your templates follow all of the latest trends. Your shop will be ready to impress;

- We are adding new templates every week;

- It's easy to navigate and add new products;

- If you run into issues, friendly support is available at your fingertips, and always ready to help;

- Lots of training materials, but believe us, you will not need them, it is that simple;

- Every purchase comes with a 1h optional, free phone call with one of our advisers, who can help you set up, and give you the extra support that you need. This can be used any time, but please schedule in advance;

- Last minute changes required? No problem! We have a team of dedicated developers to customise your theme for you (additiona charges apply);

- Ready to use in just minutes!